10 of Our Favorite Pins From Pinterest!

Happy How-To’s-Day!

Today we are posting some of our favorite pins from Pinterest for the home to help get the DIY juices flowing!

You can click any of the pictures to be taken to the pin on Pinterest.

#10 – Mason Jar Lighting

Mason jar lights..

We have been dying to do something like this! The Edison bulbs are gorgeous! We were thinking it would be awesome to hang it from a thick piece of reclaimed wood for a rustic chandelier that would look great in our foyer! (Where we currently have no light fixture…) Putting it on the To-Do list!! (Found on m.iamtrend.com via Pinterest)


#9 – Home Organizing

Use the IKEA Grundtal System to Organize Crafts | 52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home

We just did a craft room supply post, well now you’re going to need a place to store all of that loot. This list has some pretty (and pretty cool) ideas for all over the home! (Found on Buzzfeed via Pinterest. Click here.)


#8 – Twig Candle Holders


LOVE this. We actually have a set of these made from driftwood instead that we picked up from Cost Plus World Market. We use them as toothbrush holders (though they were meant for candles). No clue where this pin came from sadly. It was mislabeled on Pinterest so we can’t give proper credit or link backs! If you know who made this, let us know in the comments below!


#7 – Pallet Furniture!

love this pallet bench!

Okay so this stuff is really, really popular lately and we get it! Love the bench here and we hope to make a thin table out of the stuff soon! We have this empty spot in our hallway that is just begging for it! This beauty came from http://ourvintagehomelove.blogspot.com/

They have some fantastic posts! Check them out! Go! We’ll wait here!


#6 – Staggered Hanging Art

overlapping frames hung from knobs.

This is fun and gives texture to the display. I’m a little over the whole flat images grouped together thing and this really adds some great depth! It would be awesome to do with different/mismatched knobs (Found at http://comfyho.me via Pinterest)


#5 – Hammocks and Dreamy Outdoors

Backyard hammock plus tree lights makes magic.Pi

We are tired of living in the desert! We have a perfectly good pool that we did not use. Once. All. Summer. That’s awful but it’s just too freaking hot out here! So here we are dreaming of a greener backyard when we move back east (someday, sigh).

This beautiful picture is from bystephanielynn.com via Pinterest!


#4 – Pipe Shelves

Daar kan je ook je boeken kwijt.

This is a pick from Hedgehog! I’m a big fan of the industrial look, so anything with exposed metal or more natural-looking darker wood is a big plus for me. Plus, now that I will be reviewing many many many many more books, it’d be nice to have a bookshelf that I can add onto whenever I accumulate more readie things. (Found on boekeman.blogspot.com via Pinterest)


#3 – Wooden Board Signs

'No Soliciting' Sign by Collins on #zulily

We are working on one of these already. We need one of these on our front door, seriously! We get so many people at our door! How to do a wooden sign post will be coming soon! Ours is a chevron printed sign with “You Make Me Smile When Skies Are Grey.”

The linkĀ  for this from Pinterest is broken so I’m not sure where you can buy it, if you know let us know!


#2 – Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey Barrel Fire Pit.

There are a TON of awesome posts on Pinterest using whiskey barrels and we are dying to make something, anything from one! We especially love these fire pits and the small glass topped table. (Found on ruggedthuglife.com via Pinterest)


#1 – Kid’s Nook

Kid's nook - love the framed chalk board and art display.

This is from TheProjectGirl.com and it is adorable! When we decide to have children something like this will be a must! There are a ton of other awesome things over there so check it out! (Found on theprojectgirl.com via Pinterest)


That’s it for our 1st Top 10 from Pinterest post! Going over our boards is a great way to help us focus down and get our projects in order! We won’t be making them in this order but it is definitely helpful to figure out what projects we are looking forward to! We do not own the rights to the content in this post! Just sharing some inspiration and ideas! If you own the rights and don’t want your picture here, let us know! We’ll take it down!

Have a great week!

The Hedgehog and Sparrow



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